Organic Oyster Mushrooms

organic oyster mushrooms
Due to the medical benefits and delicious taste of Blue Oyster Mushrooms, and organic oyster mushrooms in general, we have dedicated ourselves to developing the optimum growing methods and processes to deliver an exceptional product. Our mushrooms are perfected way before the mushroom spores ever enter the picture. We have spent over four years perfecting the organic compost that we use to grow our mushrooms. Our mushrooms are built on the best foundation available. Our company is founded on the idea that if you start with the best, you will end with the best. From there we ensure that our mushrooms are given the opportunity to thrive in the best environment possible. We have spent countless hours researching and testing various conditions to determine the optimum environment for mushroom growth. We used this knowledge to develop a growing facility dedicated to providing perfect temperature, humidity, and other vital conditions. Here our mushrooms are treated with the utmost of care to ensure that they are always receiving the best treatment possible. Once our mushrooms reach their full potential they are picked and packaged immediately to ensure that our product is always fresh. We never pick our mushrooms too soon or let them grow too long. At Sublicious Farms, we never sacrifice for less and this is why we take pride in saying that we offer the best gourmet mushrooms available.
In addition to our organic oyster mushrooms, we offer everything you need to grow mushrooms at home. We have kits, compost, casing, worm castings and spawn jars. – Gourmet Blue Oysters and everything to grow your own.